Let your customer sign your ERP documents on tablets

Send documents with a single click to a tablet and let your customer sign it. Then mail and archive the document. It can’t get easier than this!  

No paper, no hassle!


Send a document to a device

Documents are as always created in your ERP- or CRM-System


Let your customers sign

The document can be read and signed by your customer


Mail & archive documents

The signed document is stored on a file share and sent to your customer by mail

Sign any document

autosign provides a streamlined signing process for any document your ERP system can create. 

Is autosign legally valid?

Most documents (like those mentioned above) can be signed with a simple signature on a mobile device because they are subject to what is known as “form of contract”. This means that, according to the law, it is up to the contracting parties to decide in what form they record their agreement, and there are no special requirements for the electronic signature. Therefore, autosign can be used in a legally secure manner for these documents!

There are a few exceptions to the principle of form of contract, for example, for agreements with serious consequences (real estate purchases, wills…). Requirements for form can arise from national law or an agreement.

We recommend making a list of documents you want to digitally sign and get in contact with us!

Easy to integrate via REST API

Our API access is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, making it effortless for you to integrate our services into your existing systems.

Set up in minutes

autosign was designed to be set up within minutes. Either use our cloud based service or use our signing solution on your premises.

Just grab a tablet and open your autosign URL to start signing. 

Let’s get rid of your paperwork!

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